Whether you need standard tags or custom tags, we can manufacture them. We stock many standard sizes and colors. These colors come in many stock grades, 10pt, 13pt, 15pt tag. All tags are available with attachments including string, wire, elastic or deadlocks.

Additionally, we offer tag in many other materials such as tyvek, cloth, waterproof, plastic, permafiber, coated, non coated. Whatever the industry is we can help -- retail, industrial, logistics, travel, manufacturing. Any size, any shape, one or multiple parts, we can produce it. Contact us, we are happy to answer your questions and give you a quote.

We do many different types of stringing, such as elastic, cotton, polyester, polished cotton twine, pearlray, jute, wire or ribbon. Available in many colors and any length.

Reinforced options are fiber patch, metal eyelets silver, gold, tassels, button and string and slots–any size and any color. All kinds of Specimen Numbering from 1/8" up to 1".

  • Die Cut
  • Ganged & Continuous
  • Laser Printed Tags
  • Manifold
  • Single
  • Thermal Transfer